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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Cultural deficit in new clothes

Posted By: Allen Lambert on August 14, 2009
Ms Dixson offers another comment, nominally in reply to my immediately preceding one, but without actually replying to anything I said. In short, I fail to see connection between what I said and her reply.

I made no particular claim about Ms. Payne's workshops.

Ms. Dixson is quite mistaken when she asserts that "subculture" is not a useful concept and is not used in social science. It may not be in "vogue" among some, but then neither are several other concepts in fashion among the PC. Marxian analysis is no longer in "vogue" among many. So what? That does not make such concepts false or useless.

No "credible sociologist" (or other social analysts?) would accept a judgment that some cultures are "bad" or worse than others? On the contrary, we do so frequently. I gave the expl of Nazism and Stalinism, but Ms. Dixson did not reply to those expls. What "credible sociologist" (or anthropologist, etc.) does she know that would defend those cultures as being as "good" as those of contemporary Germany or Great Britain or the U.S. or Canada or Scandinavia?

As for "success" of certain values and norms with regard to work, I was situation specific and conditional. We do have measures of such "success" -- getting and keeping a job, earning income in legal and/or socially productive ways, supporting a family, etc.
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 Cultural deficit in new clothes by Adrienne Dixson on May 25, 2009
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