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Re: Re: Re: Re: Cultural deficit in new clothes

Posted By: Adrienne Dixson on August 14, 2009
There is no credible evidence, of any sort, that Ms. Payne's workshops and handbooks have positively impacted teachers' work with students. I've read the evaluations. The "findings" are spurious to say the least. "Subcultures" as you should know as a sociologist is a term that is no longer in use or in vogue in mainstream academic parlance. We do not even agree on what constitutes being "successful" because as you should know as a sociologist, success for some groups is mediate by class, gender, race, native language, etc. Your argument about "good" vs. "bad" cultures is ridiculous and no credible sociologist even makes claims of that sort in the 21st century.
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 Cultural deficit in new clothes by Adrienne Dixson on May 25, 2009
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