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Read a Post for Using the Lens of Economic Class to Help Teachers Understand and Teach Students from Poverty: A Response
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Payne is definitely into patterns...

Posted By: Teddi Beam-Conroy on May 28, 2009
Interesting that Dr. Payne says that her Framework is based on Lave & Wenger's (1991) Situated learning: Legitimate peripheral participation. This work is not cited in my 2005 revision of her Framework for Understanding Poverty. But backing up her work with belated citations is not new for Dr. Payne.

Her original Framework was published in 1995 (I attended one of her early professional development sessions and have my copy of that book, then published by RFT Publishing). The 2005 revised edition contains substantially the same text as the original, but includes a substantial section on "Research Notes" as well as a section on "Works Cited" and a bibliography. Trouble is, the majority of the works she cites were published AFTER 1995 and therefore could not possibly have informed her original work. Of course, Dr. Payne says that they "correlate with the content" of the book - a convenient conceit. I wonder if they correlate as well as her heavy citing of Dr. Marķa Montano=Harmon's research, which did not conclude what Payne claims she does. But I digress...

guess this is your prerogative when you self-publish. Your proofreaders and fact-checkers all depend on your signing their paychecks.
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 Payne is definitely into patterns... by Teddi Beam-Conroy on May 28, 2009
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