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Re: Re: Re: How competent are public school principals at improving student achievement through teacher evaluation?

Posted By: Joe Ferrara on January 7, 2009
Sorry my last post was so short but I am working on something else. I think the task is worthwhile. I believe, like most, tha the teachers is the greatest agent of change in the classroom. By implication, a true assessment of their effectiveness is crucial. This lies on the ability of the principal to be able to evalute this instructional abilities and more importantly the effectiveness of the teacher. I believe that many have the wrong idea about the job of a teacher. Their job isn't complete when they finish their lesson - it is complete when students learn. I bring this up because I believe any evaluation tool must utilize student work to determine if students mastered specific standards. An administrator's instructional competancy could then be measured in terms of how they evaluate the teacher's abilityto bring students to mastery. This would include lesson design as well as the pedgogy utilized. Walk throughs would have meaning in the evaluation process because of specificity. I envision a learning community developed where specific standards can be selected, maybe ones that students have traditionally struggled with, and used as a context for continued conversations between principal and teacher. I live in Texas so we don't have any CBA to work around. Although we have a state standardized evaluation system (PDAS), districts have local authority of what is used. The problem we face is inflated evaluations and it is mainly because many administrators are uncomfortable with critical conversations or as an instructional leader. Things have gotten much better with accountability systems in place but we still have a long way to go.
I am interested to hear more about your plan.
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 How competent are public school principals at improving student achievement through teacher evaluation? by Gil Compton on January 5, 2009
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