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Re: Re: Re: Supervision

Posted By: Davenport Plumer on January 5, 2009
Supervision and evaluation are a minefield in part because they are so closely related. Ideally, they have the same purpose--improving the performance of the person being supervised/evaluated.
To identify the good practitioners of these two roles/skills, I would ask teachers--not "Who are the good
s/e?" but" which s/e was helpful in doing your job better".
With a list of such people you can backtrack and look for similarities in what they do.
Pretty vague, I admit, but if you are doing anything like what I have described or know of studies that follow a similar design, please let me know.
Davenport (Mike) Plumer
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 Assessing Supervising Teachers by Lenore Pryor-Benefield on March 18, 2003
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