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Re: Re: Supervision

Posted By: Gil Compton on January 5, 2009
I am looking at the same phenomena from the teacher moving into administration angle. Schools of education devote very little time as a percentage of the curriculum to "training" administrators how to evaluate teachers. There seems to be a simple mentality of "If you were a teacher of course you can evaluate teachers." I have learned this is just not the case.
I am interested in linking with others in a discussion about the competence of principals in the arena of teacher evaluation. Focus questions include:
What is the difference between a poor, average, good, and great teacher evaluation? What are the personal/leadership characteristics of principals who produce poor, average, and good teacher evaluation versus principals who produce great teacher evaluations?
For those principals that produce great evaluation, what knowledge do they possess that other principals do not have?
We have all heard the old saying that actions speak louder than words. Understanding this, what actions do principals that produce great evaluation take that other principals do not?
Please let me know your thoughts.
I am also interested in developing a literature review on the topic and would like to know what studies/articles you have found to be salient on the topic.
Gil Compton - gcompton@menifeeusd.org
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