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Re: Re: Viva Free Speech, But This Idiot Deserved to Be Fired

Posted By: Susan Williams on October 28, 2008
Well, it's too bad these people are so thick-headed that they can't see what a slap in the face their whole "schtick" is, to the rest of us taxpaying, bona fide American citizens.

I think their protests are despicable, considering that we are giving them, free, educations worth over $10,000 per pupil per year. I could see them being mad if they WEREN'T getting a free ride, and actually had to PAY for their own educations -- what a concept!!! -- and yet they get all these freebies while still flagrantly failing to meet our immigration laws to boot. It really gripes me that these scofflaws are getting more than their fair share of the perks of American citizenship, and then they turn around and bite the hand that feeds them. Sheesh!

Most Americans have no idea about the billions of dollars we are paying out for "free" education for illegals -- along with "free" maternity care and "free" health care -- which threatens to bankrupt us all.

Things really, really need to change.

I'm mad that our laws permit the enrollment at taxpayer expense of the children of illegal aliens in our public schools in the FIRST place. I believe it is degrading the public school product and inserting chaos and division into what used to be a learning atmosphere. I don't know how teachers can teach, and students can learn, in such a politicized, tense, ungrateful environment.

I believe that if a student's family cannot produce proof of legal immigration or, of course, an American birth certificate, then that student should go into a separate building. That's not "segregation." That's common sense, based on the stats that illegal aliens commit far more crimes, including violent crimes, than citizens do. This separate program for illegals would be similar to the way that alternative high schools are located far away from the regular public school building -- for safety's sake.

I mean, the parents are criminals, as shown by their inability to produce proof of legal immigration. And as a society we don't tolerate or "enable" other kinds of criminals to benefit from our taxpayer-supplied services or skip out on law enforcement. They should not be allowed to disrupt the school day in the mainstream school until they are (1) of legal status, and (2) able to speak, understand and write in English adequately for proper communication. And that's what these separate programs would give them a chance to do: get legal, and get up to speed in English.

In these off-to-the-side programs, I believe that these illegal foreign nationals should receive intensive English language immersion, American history, American government, American citizenship, American folk songs -- everything they need to be learning to appreciate this country -- and no other academics. I'd rather have the student pay tuition for this than provide it free, at taxpayer expense, since their families are, after all, criminals. But the law might force it to be "free" for the student and family. As long as there's a separation from bona fide students and the focus is on pro-American topics, I could go along with that.

Once the student's family can produce proof of legality, and the student has attained competence in English sufficient to learn in the regular classroom, then, and only then, should the student be allowed to attend a regular public school and mainstream in classes.

One last thing: no other flags or banners on American public school property than the AMERICAN flag!!!

What do you think of this?
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 Viva Free Speech, But This Idiot Deserved to Be Fired by Susan Williams on October 10, 2008
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