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Re: Viva Free Speech, But This Idiot Deserved to Be Fired

Posted By: Richard Fossey on October 28, 2008
Thanks for your comment, Susan.

I confess I am ambivalent about this case. I symphasize with the school district, which was facing the possibility of substantial disruption from student walkouts triggered by a harsh anti-immigration bill that was pending in Congress. I think the school authorities were sincerely worried about safety issues because student protesters were walking along roads that carried heavy automobile traffic. So the school had a legitimate interest in censoring employee speech that might make the school environment more volatile or that might encourage students to walk out of school.

On the other hand, the school's response to "Viva la Raza!" seems harsh to me. And I confess that I sympathize with the student protesters who were protesting a truly bad piece of immigration litigation.

Richard Fossey
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 Viva Free Speech, But This Idiot Deserved to Be Fired by Susan Williams on October 10, 2008
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