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Read a Post for Sarah Palin and the Assault on Merit
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Re: Lack of merit

Posted By: Susan Williams on September 30, 2008
Obama, with his disgusting tens of millions in earmarks and "pork," his catastrophic plan to snatch infants and preschool children and put them under the federal government's thumb in government nurseries, and his enormous, co-opting campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs and plenty of other "players" in the current subprime mortgage scandal, is just one more in a long line of Democrats whose corruption and radical, left-wing policies have been disastrous for our nation's public schools and taxpayers.


Carter: Community Reinvestment Act, which started this whole current mess and greatly accelerated under Clinton

Clinton: Goals 2000, which is still intact and just renamed NCLB; have you ever read the Goals 2000 law? Scaaaaaaaaary.

Much more than the war in Iraq, the Democratic Congress is responsible for the national debt, which now tops a half a million dollars per American household, and for the incredible deficit spending orgy in recent years that threatens to bankrupt us and turn our public schools into Soviet-style training academies.

Again, I ask you: how many people do you know who have actually been over in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq, on our behalf, who do NOT think we should've gone there and should now stay until we're good to go? I don't know ANYBODY who has been over there who thinks we've been in the wrong. One of my friends received the ceremonial headpiece of an Iraqi man's late father as a token of his appreciation for America's help; the Iraqi man's father had been murdered by the Saddam Hussein regime. My friend has that headpiece displayed in his living room as a reminder to all who come there, that we are in the right to try to help those people.

So why, with this history in mind, would leftists be so afraid of McCain-Palin that they come out of the woodwork on an education website, exposing their sloppy, substandard, blinded-by-partisanship mentality, to try to unfairly and brazenly trash the well-earned reputations for intelligence and competence of a U.S. senator and U.S. governor, and gain a few (more!) stolen votes? Could it be that leftists hate the GOP in general and Sarah Palin in particular because they are much more likely to stand up to union-style corruption and greed?

I really hope the American public connects the dots, and votes for McCain-Palin, so that the party will be over. And if Obama wins, it won't be long before he'll do to the schools what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac did to our economy.
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 Lack of merit by ANN Hansen on September 26, 2008
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