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Read a Post for Sarah Palin and the Assault on Merit
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Lack of merit

Posted By: Gene Coulson on September 30, 2008
So your views are reserved for Anti-Palin comments? Someone espousing the need for an unnecessary war, suspension of constitutional rights, and a race-to-mediocrity NCLB Act gets a break because of his brilliance, but someone you don't even know gets the hatchet job for holding a different political view? Your comments never had anything to do with "The Voice of Scholarship in Education". Stop hiding behind this grammar/spelling smokescreen and admit yours was a nasty, politically-based rant to start with. It was well written, but intellectually dishonest. Now I get it. Sorry I wasted the time. I'm done.

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 Lack of merit by ANN Hansen on September 26, 2008
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