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Read a Post for Sarah Palin and the Assault on Merit
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Re: Lack of merit

Posted By: Daniel Hoffman on September 27, 2008
Hi Ann,
After reading this article, you posted that Gov. Palin has neither the "intelligence, the education, or the experience" to be vice-president.
My question for you is: what are you basing this on?
Have you met Gov. Palin? Perhaps you have. If you haven't, then it seems likely that you have no idea what her level of intelligence is. What makes you feel justified in judging someone's intelligence from afar? Do you work in the field of education? (I hope not).
Speaking of education, what part of Gov. Palin's education do you think is lacking? Could you please specify what you require the vice-president to have for an education. Is it a degree from Harvard? A degree in Law? Public administration? Do tell. Specifics will strengthen your argument considerably.
Now, in terms of "experience", notice the double-standard. Palin's experience as a councilwoman, mayor, and Governor are ridiculed and belittled-- how could she even dream of being Vice President, let alone be the number two on a presidential ticket? Yet, Obama, who has been a community organizer, a state Senator, and a national Senator-- gets no criticism while being the number ONE on the presidential ticket.
I think you see my point. Without backing up your claims, your post shows a lack of merit.

Dan Hoffman
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