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Read a Post for Sarah Palin and the Assault on Merit
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Re: Re: Re: Lack of merit

Posted By: Susan Williams on September 27, 2008
Of course we all have the right to judge the merits of all candidates for public office. I meant that those two "anti-Palin" commentators looked ridiculous trying to cast aspersions on Palin's intellligence when their own elementary writing errors exposed them as less than the brightest bulbs in the candleabra. :>)

They're repeating memes and acting from emotion and bias, rather than from reason and objectivity, just as Obama is doing. I see those behaviors so often among educators, who have such influence among our youth, that it makes me fret for our country's future.

It just makes me sad when people who are so inept with the English language and with logic and reason that they can't even meet third-grade writing standards presume to have standing to influence other voters about a candidate's intelligence and fitness for public office.

I see a lot of grammar and spelling errors on this website from posts of people I presume are educators. It doesn't do much for the overall credibility and reputation of the education profession. What on earth has happened to you guys?

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