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Read a Post for Sarah Palin and the Assault on Merit
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The voters will prove how wrong you are

Posted By: Susan Williams on September 26, 2008
I believe she will be our next VP and then P after that. With all due respect, I totally disagree with you. I'm no dumbie -- have two Phi Beta Kappa daughters -- and greatly admire Sarah Palin and plan to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket in part because of her accomplishments. I'm a private-sector professional, and since she was a small-business owner, I understand that she's 10 times more qualified for a public-service job than Obama or Biden, who have never had to meet a payroll; never spent their own money on projects, just other people's; and don't know what it's like to get those 2 a.m. phone calls from your business' security guard about a fire or a break-in, and feel that deep covenant of mutual responsibility for your employees and their families. But I do know about those traits -- traits I want in the White House -- and to people like me, Sarah Palin's credentials alone have significantly more merit than the Obama-Biden ticket. Then when you add McCain's experience, it's a slam-dunk that McCain-Palin have more merit by a country mile, and ought to get people's votes. Perhaps it is because you are employed in a highly job-protected field in a tremendously politically-charged working environment fogged over with Political Correctness with no capital at risk of your own (!!!), but for some reason you misunderstand how merit is truly evaluated and compensated in a free-market system. Judging from the reaction from private-sector voters, Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air and an encouraging sign to us that real people who can stand on their own two feet and don't have to have Big Labor and Big Government propping them up all the time can still excel in this country. Go, Sarah Palin, and Go, John McCain!
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 The voters will prove how wrong you are by Susan Williams on September 26, 2008
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