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Re: Re: Re: Funding reform in public schools

Posted By: Allen Lambert on September 16, 2008
While we can agree on some of what you say, I still do not see "competition" in what you say.
What do you mean by competition? And in what does it consist?
How do districts and states "compete" in public schooling?
States may compete for businesses and jobs, but they do not compete for higher rankings or for the same funds in public schooling. Some simple rankings may get applied by NCLB, but no state I know of is competing with another state for those rankings. Indeed, it is schools, not states which are ranked by NCLB. And they are not really ranked against each other, but against a standard. And each state sets its own standards.
Federal education funds have increased more in Bush admin than any previous admin (this is NOT an argument in favor of Bush or his policies). And Fed funding makes up only about 7% of total public school funding; and a school can choose not to accept it and therefore not be subject to NCLB.
Nor do districts within states compete in any direct way. Some districts are have more money than others, but not because of some direct competition between them.
In NY, the same testing and standards exist independently of NCLB. Ditto its aid formulae.

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