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Re: Re: Funding reform in public schools

Posted By: odile mattiauda on September 16, 2008
I should probably have better defined what I meant by competition, and that is competition not within districts but within states or national. And it clearly does exist! While public education is administered by states, the federal government certainly has tremendous impact on local schools, if only with the implementation of NCLB, where millions of state/districts dollars have now to be invested in purchasing expensive testing tools, whereas the law itself does not provide funding. Not only does this expense falls onto states and districts, it has emphasized competition between schools by instauring a ranking between performing, non performing, and improving schools within districts. Is it coincidental that many schools in poorer (urban) districts are non-performing schools ? Is not the level of education thus of income of parents an indicator of success and achievement for students of many suburban schools?
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 Funding reform in public schools by odile mattiauda on September 12, 2008
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