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Re: Funding reform in public schools

Posted By: Allen Lambert on September 12, 2008
Actually, there is not competition in public school system. That is, there is not competition in terms of real alternatives to curriculum and instruction, to approaches, and so on. State law and regulation (state ed depts) impose considerable homogeneity in a variety of ways. In short, there is little choice, and it has nothing to do with wealth of neighborhoods or communities.

Further, it is not true that there is a "tight coupling" between neighborhood wealth and school district performance. In most school districts, money is raised for district as a whole and allocated the same for each school (except many districts allocate extra for schools with higher rates of at risk students).
And the average district receives only about 50% of its funding from local property taxes. And poor districts pay much lower percentage from local taxes. About 7% comes from Feds, the rest from state redistribution.

That is not to argue in favor of one or another presidential candidate, neither of whom will make much difference to local schools (it is not a federal responsibility).

Allen Lambert
Ithaca, NY
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 Funding reform in public schools by odile mattiauda on September 12, 2008
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