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Read a Post for Fertilizers, Pills, and Magnetic Strips: The Fate of Public Education in America
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Accomplish the mission, and you won't have these problems

Posted By: Susan Williams on August 15, 2008
Don't you think it all comes down to focusing on helping kids learn to read, write and figure as well as they can? We are just falling down flat in the task of making kids literate and numerate. I'm 53, and I'm really sad at the erosion in quality from K-12 and beyond, compared to a generation or two ago. The urgent need for quality control is what has allowed all these noneducators to get involved. In increasing numbers, taxpayers are becoming disgusted with government schools and looking around for better, cheaper alternatives, including homeschooling. As with so many other things, we should do a lot better job delivering the basics in public schools, and then we wouldn't have so many other hands trying to grab the till, and all the cascading consequences of dropouts, underachievement, bonehead graduates not even fit for a McDonald's job, etc. If we would just teach the itty bitties to read correctly in the early grades (with phonics-ONLY reading instruction), we wouldn't have the frustrations you describe. So, sad to say, the education establishment has brought this world of hurt upon themselves. But it's not too late to wake up and do better!
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 Accomplish the mission, and you won't have these problems by Susan Williams on August 15, 2008
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