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Read a Post for Stotter v. University of Texas at San Antonio: How a Minor Dispute About a Professorís Office and Laboratory Became a Federal Lawsuit
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Re: response to Regina Criswell's post

Posted By: Richard Fossey on July 27, 2008
I read Regina Criswell's posting with great interest. For me, the most puzzling thing about Stotter v. University of Texas at San Antonio was that this dispute between Dr. Stotter and the University ended up in litigation that has lasted for several years. And apparently, the litigation isn't over yet.

As Dr. Stotter's attorney, do you have any advice for university administrators and professors about how to resolve a dispute like this one without winding up in court?

Thanks for your comment and for updating us on the current status of the litigation.

Richard Fossey
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 Pro-Administration Bias in Stotter v. University of Texas at San Antonio Article by Russell Eisenman on June 23, 2008
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