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Re: Pro-Administration Bias in Stotter v. University of Texas at San Antonio Article

Posted By: Richard Fossey on July 15, 2008
My thanks go to Russell Eiseman for his comments on our commentary about the Stotter case.

I certainly did not intend to comment on the case from a pro-administrator bias. And I certainly agree with Russell that there are all kinds of materials that are appropriately stored in a professor's office. In fact, a professor should reasonably expect to be able to store all kinds of things in his or her office that pertain to the professor's work.

The main point I wished to convey in the commentary about the Stotter case is that the dispute about the condition of Professor Stotter's office and lab seems relatively minor and should have been resolved without resort to the courts. I sympathize with both Professor Stotter and UTSA that the dispute wound up in litigation.

Richard Fossey
University of North Texas
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 Pro-Administration Bias in Stotter v. University of Texas at San Antonio Article by Russell Eisenman on June 23, 2008
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