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Critical Thinking Applied to Drivel

Posted By: Peter Jones on March 4, 2008
I have to say that when I read an academic who has not learned to hesitate when making broad unfounded generalizations I cringe:

- "and in every case, pedagogy changed to accommodate the technology"
- "any system challenging the technological imperative is doomed"
- "Because technology is autonomous and independent of everything"

In fact, if you interpret these words as they are intended then this article makes no sense. Language is very important especially when used by those who make a claim to understand a field of study.

I am also very taken aback by the self promotion Bugeja indulges in! I am used to reading articles by authors that use other's work to support their assumptions, evidence, hypotheses, and theories. Bugeja seems to be the only one who supports his own ideas. E\In the cognitive sciences we call that ego.

Another question always comes to my mind when reading articles that seem to rail against 'technology.' Pray tell... what is your definition of technology? A pencil was an amazing piece of technology in its time. Imagine a piece of graphite snugly surrounded by a wooden frame with an erasure attached to the end. I wonder if "pedagogy changed to accommodate" that? Just a question? I am not sure!

Another question comes to mind... The automobile has changed education more than any piece of technology I can think of. It helps millions access what was not accessible before. Hmm... so does the Internet. Bugeja fails in defining what it is - technology - that he is referring to. I wonder if he uses a phone, automobile, computer, etc. and whether he has considered how these have changed the classroom.

No... Bugja fails in making a cogent argument for us abandoning something he is referring to as 'technology' with this lazy piece of work. Shame on the Teachers College Record for not performing the most basic editorial function which is to weed out those writings that are weak and inconsequential.

Peter Jones

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 Critical Thinking Applied to Drivel by Peter Jones on March 4, 2008
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