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Read a Post for African American Elitism in Academe: The New Good and Bad Hair Controversy
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Internet will break up elitism

Posted By: Sherman Miller on February 22, 2008
My doctoral degree quest started after I retired from the Du Pont Company where I had worked in technical marketing and end use research. I also had taught at the college level for a few years. Hence, I possessed an industrial mindset in approaching problems that made my thinking run counterpoised to the prevailing mindset in the education arena. I remember feelings of dismay when I took my first course towards my doctoral degree in education as I was told that I did not write like everyone else. My professor and I were both African Americans at a major Traditional White University, so I did not feel the comment had any racial overtone.

My response was to look for venues that welcomed my writing style. I had written many newspaper columns through both the African American and the mainstream press over the years before entering the doctoral program, so there was no doubt about my ability to write. I also belong to the Trotter Group (a group of national black writers http://www.trottergroup.org/ ).

I have a penchant for teaching mathematics to both nontraditional and traditional college students coming from inner city backgrounds, so my research advisor encouraged me to get a major publishing house to publish a book I had written on teaching college algebra. Rowman & Littlefield Education published my book, “Teaching College Algebra Reversing the Effects of Social Promotion.”

When I had cleared all of my hurdles for graduation I went to see my first professor and reminded this person of the comment that I didn’t write like everyone else. The professor asked did I change my writing style. I replied, “No! I just found a different venue.”

My focus shifted towards writing books where I presently have new manuscripts in various stages of development. However, I found a way to offer hope to budding student scholars on my web site www.iccjournal.biz where students and professors can get works published and gain academic recognition for excellence. I believe the Internet is an excellent tool to break up elitism problem in academia.

I do not buy the good and bad hair thinking for I gather white professors have had to pass a similar scrutiny to gain admission into the elusive professorial club at a major university.
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 Internet will break up elitism by Sherman Miller on February 22, 2008
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