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New open-source textbook about educational psychology

Posted By: Kelvin Seifert on September 21, 2007
A university-level textbook about educational psychology has recently been posted online at the website for Wikibooks, an sister project to Wikipedia. If you're interested, have a look at . The posted material is fairly complete, but it still needs tables and figures, as well as editing in some places.

Note that as open-source material, the text can be used by anyone free of charge, in part or in total. It can also be edited by anyone--though Wikibooks encourages individuals to register and sign in, in order to facilitate dialogue among contributors. By their nature, if something needs changing in a Wikibook, it may be more productive simply to go ahead and change it, rather than to contact the "author" about the problem.

The initial material was drafted primarily by Kelvin Seifert (University of Manitoba) and Rosemary Sutton (Cleveland State University). They have posted it online as a way to alleviate some of the common problems associated with conventional texts, such as their high cost, their tendency to have excess content, and comparative slowness in being revised.

--Kelvin Seifert
email: seifert@cc.umanitoba.ca
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 New open-source textbook about educational psychology by Kelvin Seifert on September 21, 2007
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