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Read a Post for Miseducating Teachers about the Poor: A Critical Analysis of Ruby Payne's Claims about Poverty
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Re: but Ruby Payne promotes empathy and allows dialogue

Posted By: Edward Joyner on September 19, 2007
James Comer, Marian Wright Edelman, and Jonathan Kozol have been pricking the nation's conscience about poverty for at least 3 decades. Comer and Edelman have created movements to help schools build the capacity to assist children in overcoming unearned disadvantages. Dr. Adelaide Sanford in New York and Superintendents like Lester Young, Evelyn Castro, Reginald Mayo, Jerry Weast, Constance Clark, and William Lloyd have actually changed the life's trajectory of poor children. Most of these people were poor themselves and have a unique insider perspective that is not driven by profit. I find it ironic that people achieve fame and fortune by talking about a problem while others work in obscurity and actually directly influence the lives of impoverished children. This lack of evidence based, drive by professional development is a throwback to the anti-poverty pimps of the sixties and the capitalistic preachers selling God on television to naive and needy people.
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 but Ruby Payne promotes empathy and allows dialogue by Veronica Barlee on September 6, 2007
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