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Read a Post for Miseducating Teachers about the Poor: A Critical Analysis of Ruby Payne's Claims about Poverty
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Re: but Ruby Payne promotes empathy and allows dialogue

Posted By: Elizabeth Luse on September 6, 2007
It just strikes me as ironic that the same social/class rules that Payne so accurately describes in "Framework of Poverty" have now been applied to her and her work. She talks about the "hidden rules" of each of the socio-economic classes and how each individual is "just expected to know the rules" without any explicit teaching from an established member of that class. When a newcomer "breaks" a hidden rule, an established member of that class doesn't tell you what you did wrong - "they just look at you funny." Payne is experiencing the height of academic snobbery by a group of doctoral students (and their mentor) who are sure they are meant to change the face of education by tomorrow. They are, in essence, "looking at her funny" to let her know she "doesn't belong" in the world of academia. I'll take Ruby Payne's life experience in the REAL world of poverty anyday over a group of doctoral students with an agenda of their own (i.e. careers) to push forward.
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 but Ruby Payne promotes empathy and allows dialogue by Veronica Barlee on September 6, 2007
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