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A potentially relavent dissertation

Posted By: Jill Johnson on February 23, 2002
Hi Samantha,
I ran accross a dissertation entitled:

"Defying the Rule of Conventional Wisdom: A Study of the Resiliency Factors in the School Experiences of African-American Female High School Students with a Prior Record of Academic Failure and Grade Retention."

It's a very long title. Unfortunately, I did not write down the author's name, but her first name is Precious and I believe her last name is Alipunuk. There is another name in between the first two. She did this Dissertation at the University of Wisconsin at Madison between 1993 and 1996. I'm leaning toward the latter date.

I had the title down, but not the rest of the details. I hope this helps and maybe someone at a local library can help you dig up the rest of the pertinent information. Good luck.

I also came across a dissertation entitled:
"The Impact of Promotion Status and Ethnicity on Perceived Behavioral Characteristics" by Andrea Laverne Fleming. She studied at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and wrote the dissertation in 1988.

Finally, another dissertation entitled:
"The Effect of Social Promotion and Retention on Minority Pupils in Four New York City School Districts" by Sheldon Irving Roach. He graduated from Fordham University with his PhD in 1983.

Good luck to you. I hope this can help.

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