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The Play-Character Connection

Posted By: adam fee on June 15, 2007
Another important aspect is that recess offers a "playing field" where studentsí character develops. Many bruises and scrapes occur physically as a child learns how to control the body and physical decision making. These bruises and scrapes also occur with a child's character.

Character traits are like muscles that need to be developed. Games don't build character, they reveal it. The children who end up in "time out" or in the office receive the necessary feedback needed to grow their character muscles.

If we take away the opportunity for kids to flex their character muscles and the inevitable bruises and scrapes (as well as goals and victories!) that occur, we will lose this important playing field where children have a chance to display, analyze and modify their character development.
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 The Play-Character Connection by adam fee on June 15, 2007
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