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understanding transformative learning

Posted By: tarnue johnson on February 22, 2002
Thanks for your tremendous contribution to how adults learn. I am still trying very hard to understand the finer details of the theory of transformative learning. I however, have learning that ultimately leads to perspective transformation and what you have called indoctrination.This is a very problematical issue when it comes to country where repression of civil liberties is rampant;where free participation in discouse on crucial civil issues are stiffle; where the leader is so autocratic that there is a clear need for socia, political as well as institutional change; where the ideal conditions for ideal discourse do not exist by any stretch of the imagination;where democracy as is understood here in the west does not exist.In such a condition how can adult educators strive for a neutral theoritical model that at the same time expouses critical reflection and profound change/changes in habits of mind.
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 Assessment of Learning by lustick david on January 29, 2002
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