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Read a Post for Alpha Girls: Understanding the New American Girl and How She is Changing the World
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Alpha or Alpha ad Omega?

Posted By: Virginia Stead on April 19, 2007
From a Canadian perspective, where our national census has room for two heads of household, your synopsis of Alpha girls as "The Alpha Girl is confident, assertive, competitive, autonomous, future oriented, willing to take risks, and uninterested in marriage, boyfriends, and sexualized femininity." runs counter to my experience as an academic researcher, a teacher, a mentor, and a leader within my profession. First, these Alpha creatures are women, not girls. Second, some women prefer sex with other women instead of men. Third, the power inherent in economic and political independence simply does not preclude many women from wanting the intimacy of marriage and family, or from cherishing such relationships as equal partners with their spouses. Fourth, this prototype that you describe is not new, just more visible. Women and men have been struggling to emancipate women for generations and many countries now have laws to protect the rights of both sexes. Fifth, my husband of 32 years would describe many of the women in our generation as "confident, assertive, competitive, autonomous, future oriented, willing to take risks", as would our 20-something children and their peers. Sixth, you may wish to consider how other nations understand the role of women in society, beginning with the United Nations' International Women's Day (March 8th). Seventh, and finally, you may be curious about what a simple Google of "women's power" might reveal ... about 48,800,000 sites, most of which refer to activity that took place before the 21st century.
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 Alpha or Alpha ad Omega? by Virginia Stead on April 19, 2007
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