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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Rebuttal article encouraged

Posted By: Susan Williams on April 11, 2007
So . . . you say you're "born again" and teaching Sunday School, but you believe in evolution and by so doing pooh-pooh the Bible and the veracity of its Author . . . and you mock the Bible and Christians, repeating long-disproved inaccuracies about the Bible's scientific statements that deliberately, contemptuously and unfairly discredit God, the Bible and Christians . . . and you go out of your way to withhold evidence from students that shows that evolutionary theory doesn't hold up to honest scientific scrutiny . . . and want to squelch people like me, who WANT the free exchange of ideas and information on this important subject, while you would prefer not to be confused with the facts, and keep innocent young minds in the dark, too.

Geez. And we just had EASTER. Not very sporting of you, old chap. :>)

I'd say with these anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-Bible opinions, you are going to have major, major egg on your face at the Pearly Gates, Sir. You're going to have some major 'xplainin' to do, twisting your hatband and all that, bigtime. :>) I'd urge you to go back to the drawing board on this important issue and see why people like me think the way we do, and how you've been given a bum steer. It's never too late to change! See Romans 2:21a, and remember that teachers are going to be held to a higher standard than the rest of us, so beware, be careful, and bend over backwards to be sure. It's for your own good, and that of your students. 'K?

To give the pro-evolution side a break: I don't think they're EVIL or ROTTEN EGGS. I honestly think that, in this age of intellectual specialization, folks like Dawkins just kind of get a traffic jam in their minds that blocks the Big Picture and causes all kinds of incorrect and incomplete inferences to be drawn from the minute details that they study, thereby distorting reality. They've been studying minute details for so long that their brains literally lock up like an engine. They only focus narrowly, and cannot focus outwardly, to the general horizon of truth, and therefore they . . . for lack of a better term . . . get screwed up. :>) A biologist may master his or her little sliver of reality, but not be able to connect it to all the anti-evolutionary evidence that's pouring in from astronomy, geology, mathematics, physics, anatomy, etc. etc. It takes a generalist to do that, but many specialists refuse to listen to us. Meanwhile, career academics such as you, conditioned to revere and trust the Piled Higher and Deeper types (sorry! can't resist!), and to discount and disrespect those with more well-rounded and diversely trained minds who disagree with your idols . . . get even more defensive and entrenched with rigid ideology . . . keep clinging to their beliefs to save face . . . and get screwed up, too. :>)

It's a form of bondage, me boyo. I urge you to break away from that dark and dreary pro-evolution peer pressure, study up what the other side is saying, and . . . leave your troubles on the doorstep; just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street! :>) I used to swallow evolution hook, line and sinker, too, but grew up and out of it. You can, too!

To quickly answer your little zingers:

-- Yes, many Bible scholars, church officials and, indeed, scientists, once believed the sun revolved around the earth. But they were wrong. It happens! Note that the BIBLE never says that, though. Fallible PEOPLE did. I'm fallible. You're fallible. Pro-evolutionists are fallible. Anti-evolutionists are fallible. The point is, God isn't. The truth is out there -- ours for the taking, if we just keep trying. We just have to keep on trying to get it right -- trying to exchange ideas. But your side is resisting. Censorship and intellectual intimidation impede the truth-finding process, and I don't think God digs it one bit. :>) Do you?

-- People have been wrong on stuff for as long as there have been people. Greeks thought the Earth was flat; the Chinese thought it was square. But the BIBLE has never, ever been wrong on anything that refers in any way to science, and the BIBLE said it was a sphere, millenia ago!!! (Isaiah 40:22, written in 700 B.C.) I hope you're not teaching kids that the Bible is full of myths and misinformation, because you are very sadly mistaken if that is your belief.

-- Galileo (a Christian, by the way) was to the church as anti-evolutionists like me are to folks like you. We are standing up to the powers that be in science and education and telling you that you are wrong. You're kind of like "the church" of our day -- the "establishment." And you are wah-wahing toward us just the way the church officials wah-wah'ed toward Galileo. So what? Doesn't make you RIGHT. Doesn't make us WRONG. Because we AREN'T. :>) You can behave badly toward those of us striving to bring out the truth, but just because you may be outshouting us in the halls of academe and the media right now doesn't make your views right. It's a war, and it ain't over, Bud. One of these days, evolution's inevitable flaws are going to be apparent to everyone, and you guys will slink off with your tails 'twixt your legs. Meanwhile, trying to censor the opposing point of view and put off that day just makes your side look worse and worse. Deal with THAT! :>)

-- Yes, people in the past, including some in "the church," thought that the stars and planets were stationary and that we were at the center of the universe. Again, wrong-orrhea. And again, note that the BIBLE got it right. The antecedent for Psalm 19:6 is the sun; note the word "circuit" for the path of the sun. But again, why do you bring this up? What does it have to do with evolution? Or are you just trying to raise a red herring, to conceal the fact that your evidence doesn't stand up to OUR evidence, so you have to resort to casting aspersions on messengers like me, in a desperate and unfair attempt to cover up our message?

Ooh. That was long. I'm sorry. I do feel passionately about this and believe it is of crucial importance to reach educators like you ASAP to stop the insanity that is so damaging to young people's faith development. So if I've been too critical, I apologize. Hope you can understand that I just care a whole lot, and want the truth to come out.

Good luck in the future, and God bless.

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