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Posted By: Jack McDonald on April 10, 2007
Sorry. You've got me wrong on seeing things the way you do if only, only, only, only........ I don't and won't: no evidence. But at the same time, I don't think anybody has the whole picture. Science is like that. It's always provisional. Sorry if that bugs you. But collecting evidence and seeing where it takes us is the name of the game in science. Shucks, tomorrow someone may find something that upsets the entire apple cart of evolution and then we get to throw it out the window because it is no longer useful in explaining to us how the world works. That's what happened when Galileo confirmed that we live in a heliocentric solar system, not a geocentric one like the church said. Oh yeah, and the church made him pay for that one big time. Now anyone who has a brain can plainly see that the sun is moving across the sky, so we must be in a stationary place. And besides, with a little confirmation from the Bible, it's easy to see that we are obviously at the center of the universe. So, If you say evolution can't be true, you are entitled to your belief. But saying it ain't so, doesn't count in science. It might in religion (especially if God "says" it), but not science. As for me, I'm a born again Ph.D. biologist who teaches Sunday School every Lord's Day in a Presbyterian Church. Going on 30 years now. I've done a bit of studying and teaching along the way too. I also happen to be a public school administrator and can tell you that the reason all that stuff you say is kept out of schools is because it's religion. As I say, believe what you want. Just don't get disappointed when others don't give you your say because the context is wrong. Religion is religion; science is science. Have your say in church. Nobody is stopping you.
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 Rebuttal article encouraged by Susan Williams on April 10, 2007
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