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Posted By: Jack McDonald on April 10, 2007
You've really made my point better than I did. You've placed your finger square on the problem: ID folks and others of their conservatiove religious ilk think it's about ideology and propaganda. And as much as you would like to leave religion out of it, it IS about religion, because that's all they have. I would have just as much trouble getting a toe hold in the schools as the ID folks if I stormed the gates of the school house with the idea that God is the Evolver. I don't and He isn't. Creationism, creation science, and ID are not only bad science, they are not especially good religion either. An upstanding believer would not resort to submerging their beliefs in a muddle of mumbo jumbo just to sneak it past one's BS detector. The latest twist for these folks of "Can't We Just Teach the Controversy" is another attempt to make bad religion and even worse science appear respectable and benign enough to sneak in the back door of the school. Johnson and Dembski know what they are doing. If you really want to pray for intellectual honesty, pray for those guys.
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 Rebuttal article encouraged by Susan Williams on April 10, 2007
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