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Replicable Instructional accomplishments do not "just happen

Posted By: Dick Schutz on January 6, 2007
Well, my argument was that in all sectors other than education, “technology” is treated as a “means to an end” rather then as electronic equipment. But Ms Stevens makes a very good point. In this day and age, students need to be taught how to research, organize and use digitized information as much as, or possibly more than they need to similarly interact with print information.

The Internet offers the opportunity to equip elementary school children with expertise in conducting scholarly inquiry that in pre-Internet days was open only at the graduate school level. It’s unreasonable to require each teacher individually to recognize this potential and to develop the Instructional-ware to replicably accomplish this aspiration.

Ms Steven’s conclusion seems undeniable. Left to their own devices, teachers and students will continue to do nothing more than to replicate the Matthew Effect in this matter as they have been doing for decades in other important instructional matters. Even “excellent and dedicated” teachers don’t have the time or capability to develop the I-ware required. The endeavor involves the “D” in R&D, but technical development as an educational enterprise that was “taken off the table” two decades ago in the US and never was on the table in other countries. Sooner or later, the loss will likely be noticed, but with the failed “Standards and Reform by qualified teachers” the policy course, pre-collegiate education will only spin further and further out of control, consistent with
Ms Steven’s logic.

Dick Schutz
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