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Posted By: Amanda Stevens on January 6, 2007
I heartily agree with Mr. Schutz's assertion that technology is not easily or absent-mindedly integrated into the classroom. Anecdotally, I observe students hungry to do "internet research" handicapping themselves by immediately checking out Google images and ignoring content rich information. If text based research is foreign to them, students don't automatically overcome this hurdle simply because the text is posted on a website rather than bound in a book.

Watching Charlie Rose recently, I heard a Yahoo! executive laud the power of "Web 3.0" to create interconnectivity at a scale that will empower users in remarkable ways. I am convinced that the empowerment he speaks of is a double-edged sword. For those already utilizing technology to blog, post, and gather here-to-for inaccessible information, he may be right. However, I fear that my students may degrade to even deeper levels of consumerism. Any intellectual or economic empowerment will fall to those already on the right side of the digital divide. However, connectivity is no guarantee. Without intervention and training on the part of excellent and dedicated educators, many students will only ever access technology as consumers, enriching others, not themselves. Integrating technology in the classroom must involve helping students distinguish between a flashy but ultimately impoverished use of technology and using technology to generate power for themselves.
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