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I Believe Lyon & Co. Are Correct

Posted By: Susan Williams on November 9, 2006
I've been studying this issue for more than 20 years as a concerned citizen and mother of four. I'm afraid I respectfully disagree with you. Someone needs to find a set of high-school students who were taught to read using systematic, intensive, explicit phonics, and compare how they read and write today with their age, cognitive and demographical peers who were taught to read with Whole Language or "balanced literacy" techniques. I believe you would be shocked at how much more literate the phonics readers grow to be. Please don't be blinded by your obvious disdain for these people's political backgrounds. Talk to more parents and teachers like me, with no financial stake in this issue, but who believe they are correct.
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 I Believe Lyon & Co. Are Correct by Susan Williams on November 9, 2006
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