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Technology "stuff" and "professional development" nonsense

Posted By: Dick Schutz on July 14, 2006
Fishman gets it half right: So long as “technology” is treated as “stuff” rather than “how to” change/improvement will be disappointing. But he also gets it half wrong. So long as “reform” and “professional development” is viewed as the route to change/improvement, the results will be similarly disappointing.

His example of SimCalc is a good example of instructional development. The technology reliably delivers a specified instructional as aspiration. It’s a drop in the instructional bucket, but similar I-ware has been developed accomplish larger aspirations—such as providing the wherewithal for reliably teaching young children to read any English text with understanding equal to that were the communication spoken= addressing the “reading problem.”

Re “professional development,” technologies such as “webinars” provide the wherewithal to inform teachers of anything worth communicating. A message that they have to “reform” and “change their views of teaching and learning” will require very little broadband if that’s the substance of the communication.

Dick Schutz

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 Technology "stuff" and "professional development" nonsense by Dick Schutz on July 14, 2006
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