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* "Big T" and "little t" technology

Posted By: Dick Schutz on July 14, 2006
Cuban defines “technology as “computers, television, multimedia machines and software, etc.”= essentially as “electronic EQUIPMENT.” This is consistent educational usage, but it is inconsistent with the use of the term in every other sector of life,


In every other sector “technology” relates to the “how to” of performing a specified function. “Technology” works for us; we do not work for it. This “how to” is created by the D in R&D. In Education we have all R and virtually no D. In fact the Federal Government has expurgated Educational Development from the general lexicon for20 years. And the business sector has been content with the situation—selling schools equipment that have been developed for other purposes. Educational adaptations such as “white boards” have not performed any new instructional functions.

In special education where the need for “access” has been recognized, modest development investments have yielded very serviceable technology.

As long as “end users” have to put together complicated elements to make them “work,” we will get the same disappointing results that Cuban chronicles

Dick Schutz
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 "Big T" and "little t" technology by Dick Schutz on July 14, 2006  * 
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