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* Replicating Replication Studies

Posted By: Dick Schutz on June 27, 2006
Schneider’s points are all well-taken, but replication studies in education are easier recommended than replicated. Few researchers replicate or even follow up their own studies. It's easier to “go on to a more promising opportunity.” Funding sources typically want “something new,” and so do journals. So the literature is littered with “one shot” studies. There may be ed research articles with titles beginning with “A Replication of…”. but I cant recall any off the top of the head.

It would make good sense for masters and even doctoral candidates to conduct a replication/extension study rather than to test the trivial hypotheses that make up run-of-the-mill thesis/dissertations.

Some large and well/designed databases (My favorite: ECLS-K 98) have the potential for running intra-study replications/extensions. But that potential is seldom exploited.

So long as meta-analyses of one-shot studies are viewed as fulfilling the alchemist’s wish of turning lead into gold, educational “science” will remain at the alchemy stage of scientific maturity.

Dick Schutz
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 Replicating Replication Studies by Dick Schutz on June 27, 2006  * 
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