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Discourse Analysis

Posted By: lustick david on February 1, 2002
Dr. Mezirow,
Thanks for adding to the discussion. Seeing that in many ways, you are the 'father' of Transformative Theory, I find your use of the phrase "as I understand it" quite interesting. I admit that I am quite new to this idea and find it coincidental that upon returning from the library with an armful of your books and essays, that TCR has an issue devoted to TLT. Therefore, please excuse any blatant misunderstanding of the ideas discussed here.
In your response, there is an emphasis on the nature and development of discourse between teacher and learners. Such reliance on discussion between participants seems to strongly align TLT with Lave and Wenger (1991)'s Situated Learning Theory.
The question I have is, where is one to draw the line between learning and 'transformative learning'? Is the distinction so well delineated that it can be accurately identified? Is it like pregnancy, where you either are or are not? If not, how is a researcher to differentiate through discourse analysis between a learner's embracing of a new framework or paradigm and a learners understanding of a new paradigm or framework?
Thanks again,
David Lustick
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 Assessment of Learning by lustick david on January 29, 2002
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