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Re: Re: Teacher Pay above average

Posted By: Allen Lambert on March 30, 2006
Ms. Pauldine mixes apples and oranges. Hours and days worked are quite different matters. Ditto wage labor and professional responsibility.
Teachers, on average, work about the same number of hours per week as other professionals -- about 50 (but fewer weeks). Teacher contracts do not usually specify number of hours per day or week considered full-time; rather, they specify how many hours teachers are expected to be at the school. Of course good teachers work more than 35 hours per week. Working more than that is NOT "overtime" (as it might be for hourly-paid wage labor). If teacher pay were divided by number of contract hours there would be an uproar over how exhorbitantly they were paid.
As for number of work-days per year, a normal regular contract work year is about 238 days whereas for teachers it is about 184. Of course, most professionals work both more hours and more days than specified (teachers work many fewer days and hours for their salary than most other professions). What differentiates professionals from wage labor is, in part, an annual salary for a responsibility, not an hourly rate for time at the factory.
My original numbers and analysis stands.

Allen Lambert

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 Teacher Pay above average by Allen Lambert on March 22, 2006
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