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Re: Teacher Pay above average

Posted By: Cindy Pauldine on March 26, 2006
I live about 2 hours from Ithaca, so generally am in the same area for teacher pay- and your figures for first year and experienced teachers sound about what our district pays. I can't speak to the hours you put in, but as a 27 year veteran teacher and spouse to a 28 year veteran teacher, I can tell you that I work more than 185 days. My day doesn't end at 3:30 when the students leave- I generally work 10-12 hours each day. Over the course of 185 days that is an extra 3-5 UNPAID hours above my paid 7 hours. If we take the lowest daily overtime- 3 hours- and multiply by 185, we see that I've worked the equivalent of 79 more days- for a total of 264 days. All of a sudden that elusive 70,000 doesn't loom so large. My salary (not 70,000 yet!) can therefore be seen as unattractive to my age peers who only have a bachelors degree, work (after 27 years) about 47 weeks a year not counting various days off, and who make close to 3 figures. I'm not complaining about my salary- just don't try to tell me I'm getting overpaid. I agree that starting teachers salaries are fairly competetive- but what is the incentive to stay in teaching if one looks down the road and doesn't see salaries at the same level as people with comparable, or less education?
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 Teacher Pay above average by Allen Lambert on March 22, 2006
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