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Teacher Pay above average

Posted By: Allen Lambert on March 22, 2006
As a former teacher, spouse of an elementary teacher of 25 years, and long-time school board member who studies such things, I offer an alternative analysis of teacher salary.
First, a recent survey shows average teacher pay in the US matches that of all college graduates.
Second, given that the actual number of work days for teachers is only 80% of regular work year, the per-day worked rate for teachers is substantially above average college graduate.
Examples from my school district. A new college graduate just starting teaching in our district earns $35,000 for 185 work days. That is above average for college grads in humanities and social science who work for 238 days per year. A 30-year teacher in our district earns more than $70,000 for 185 work days. Translated into a regular full work year that would be $91,000 annual salary. Not exactly shabby.
Teachers can, and often do, choose to do extra work for more income in the summer. Those who do not usually prefer the leisure and have sufficient for their needs.

Allen Lambert
Ithaca, NY

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 Teacher Pay above average by Allen Lambert on March 22, 2006
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