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Re: Substance vs, Evasion

Posted By: Kevin R Kosar on March 3, 2006
Not true. Your very first post declared, "Neither Kosar nor Cooley can have looked at the 'standards' they are referring to."

Mr. Schutz, you are a piece of work.

To not read a book...

Then post a message in an online forum about the author's book that makes an assertion about the content of the book...

Then grumble that the author should post online a response to your assertions...

....Is obtuse.

I spent a good deal of time researching and writing this book. I feel no need to re-write a portion of its contents for you. I amazed that you cannot see that is was bad form for you to go spouting off about the contents of my book when you hadn't read it.


Kevin R. Kosar
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