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transformation theory

Posted By: Jack Mezirow on January 31, 2002
Transformation Theory, as I understand it, is a description
and analysis of the process by which the learner transforms
her frame of reference (sets of assumptions and expectations) to
so that it generates beliefs, opinions and judgments
more likely to be found true or justified than beliefs
predicted upon frames of reference that have not been
transformed. The process involves critical reflection
on assumptions supporting one's frame of reference. When
transformation refers to communicative learning (what people
mean when they communicate with us), the transformed
perspective is validated through discourse (discussion
limited to an assessment of a belief). This involves an
abductive process of analogy. The purpose is to arrive
at an agreement through discourse. When transformation
refers to instrumental learning, validity involves confirming a
truth claim.The process is hypothetical-inductivw/deductive.
Transformation Theory includes critical reflection
(of assumptions) and a process of validation through
discourse. The optimal conditions for discourse provide
important guidelines for educators of adults.

Jack Mezirow
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