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Avoiding Reform Nausea

Posted By: Miles Myers on December 22, 2005
After a decade of systems reform and the current train wreck called No Child Left Behind, most K-12 teachers in the public schools have an acute case of reform nausea, often triggered by just the words "School Leadership." How did we get into this predicament? It is not that all of the ideas in systems reform, Leadership, and NCLB are bad. It is simply the fact that the two or three good ideas are smothered to death by the dozens of bad ideas in the package. Andy Hargreaves continues to give us a consistent way out of the current mess---- a set of principles that shine with clarity, common sense, and truth. Teachers will find the book a hopeful message---if they can get past the reform nausea triggered by the title.

Miles Myers at IRTL, Berkeley; ISCA, Los Angeles
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 Avoiding Reform Nausea by Miles Myers on December 22, 2005
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