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Posted By: Teresa Yasa on January 31, 2002
I do not rule out the possibility of profound changes or paradigm shifts to occur in environments other than the constructivist's. I write from experience in a third world country and I'm fifty years old. I received an education that made me silent (voiceless), passive, indifferent, think that what is native is not always the best and that I should prefer the imported, that men are more important and capable, and better than women in generating ideas and leadership, etc. I also vividly recalled how I learned by the "banking" pedagogy in the three schools that I went to. I discovered these recently and perceived them in myself in a class on critical theory where our professor used the constructivist approach. The teaching style was instrumental to the paradigm shifts that occured in the students. We have become learners rather than students. We started to have a "voice," to "school" ourselves, to raise questions, and to have fun with studies. Thank you pointing out other possiblities by which TL can happen. Thanks too for raising the questions. Made me think a little bit more. I am interested in assessing learning in our schools. How far is critical pedagogy used and to what extent has the conventional/traditional "banking" pedagogy been contributing to the massive corruption of public servants. I have a feeling we have become so oppressed and corrupt by our own making through the hegemonic pedagogy that has been imposed on us as a people. Don't you think TL which cultivates critical thinking skills and collaboration slowly help my country rise from the heap?
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 Assessment of Learning by lustick david on January 29, 2002
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