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* Foundation First, Then Criticism, OK? :>)

Posted By: Susan Williams on December 6, 2005
What we parents are angry about is that the foundational literature of western civilization is being displaced by books such as you list as well as the mountains of junky sit-com type "novels" assigned in public school English classes instead of the classics because most kids don't have the vocabulary and reading comprehension to handle the classics any more, sad to say.

Books such as you list are great fare for college poli sci or English classrooms AFTER the student has had a proper foundation of knowledge and analysis, which can only be built with the classics.

Taxpayers want the kids to learn the basics of western civ and what ideas and personalities have constructively shaped our society. THEN they can learn about the ones who wish to DE-construct it. :>) Everything decently and in order, eh? That's a literary allusion you may not know -- it's from the Bible! :>)

I'm afraid it is the fault of the public-school educators, greatly influenced by unions and academics who lack real-world teaching experience, who cast away traditional readin', writin' and 'rithmetic in favor of this politicized, radical, leftist, "everything that's been done in the past sucks" curriculum that you seem to favor, for the wide disconnect between what people like you want to teach, and people like me -- who are paying the bills, by the way -- want to see taught, for the good of our children and certainly of our country's future.
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 Foundation First, Then Criticism, OK? :>) by Susan Williams on December 6, 2005  * 
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