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assessment of learning

Posted By: Teresa Yasa on January 31, 2002
I think you would know the best answer to your question only after you would have undergone the experience of learning in an environment where the teacher uses a constructivist theory of learning and a style of teaching where knowledge is generated no longer by the teacher alone but by the students as well. Students actively participate in class, almost always engaged in a discourse. The teacher simply acts as a facilitator especially of thought processes. Critical reflection and engrossment in discourse are very much the order of the day and these move students to action. I think one indicator that would show transformative learning has taken place in a student (and teacher as well) is when change of thinking and acting from what used to be, to a new way of thinking and acting is perceived by the student in himself or herself. Transformative learning is perceived when one feels himself or herself as breaking old habits of thinking, perceiving,etc. Otherwise, I think no transformative learning has taken place. For example, if one perceives himself or herself as no longer giving in to making generalizations easily but is able to pinpoint specific, concrete ideas and situations in relation to a particular theme, then such perception of a change in thinking in himself or herself could be an indication of transformative learning as taking place.
Teresa Yasa
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 Assessment of Learning by lustick david on January 29, 2002
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