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Re: Dangerous Assumptions About Education

Posted By: Dottie O'Brien on November 6, 2005
Although I agree with many points made in this post, your last point regarding students as choosing consumers implies that because of their immaturity and lack of knowledge, students are not capable of discerning exemplary teaching from a teacher they generally like. I feel like this later view has been proven wrong many times in countless articles where students are asked to explain why a certain teacher is "good". Citing the high academic expectations a "good" teacher holds for all students, deep content knowledge, and the abilitiy to teach in an engaging manner are all points real students have made. Although I do not believe students should be the sole means of evaluation for teachers, it is one additional layer of data that is incredible valuable and often quite accurate.
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 Dangerous Assumptions About Education by Kenneth Saltman on November 16, 2004
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