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Re: Am I the only one to have read my own article?

Posted By: Lisa Kenton on October 29, 2005
Dear Doctor Soderstorm,
I just became aware of you. I read an article of yours on Common Dreams, Mindless Americans, which I promtly e-mailed to my father and a friend. Then I googled your name and lo' and behold ...one of my kind. More educated, accomplished, and infinitely more productive. In your writing I find clearly stated the mass of fact, intuition, opinion, etc. that swirls around in my head that I cant ever quite spit out. Thank you. Now, whether or not that's at all complimentery to you is another story entirely.
I plan to print many copies of your, "rather wonderful article" to pass out in support of Issue 3: Limiting political contributions, reforming campaign finance, on the ballot here in Ohio. In the League of Women Voters Election Guide, the issue is outlined, then Pros and Cons are listed. The "Cons" are just that , cons. Here is my favorite, " Overly broad provisions of the amendment may impinge on individuals' right of freedom of speech while participating in the political process, and ar vulneralble to constitutional challenge. The current limits, which increased substantially in the past year, allow contributors to give to the candidate of choice without resorting to evasive tactics to circumvent low limits." Niether party here supports the issue which is one of 4 that will decrease political sleazely manuvers. Thanks again. I'm going to read all of your stuff I can find.
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