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Re: Switching seats on the Titanic

Posted By: Lynn Hartley on October 17, 2005
I agree totally. I've been on both sides of the fence, as a teacher and a parent.
As a second-grader, my son went head-to-head with a 20-something teacher. A teacher who had just received tenure, after three years of total teaching experience.
Guess who was tracked for an alternative school? A sweet boy with a lively, criticial intelligence was slated for a school for delinquents in the making.
Amazingly, the same child in another school district, a university town, with a higher average teacher age and years of experience, is flourishing.
Getting an education degree, for some, has turned into vocational school. We're not talking about the best and brightest going into education. Look at the states' passing score requirements.
Lynn Hartley
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 Switching seats on the Titanic by Patrick Greene on August 4, 2005
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